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Disposable nappies are responsible for up to 4% of an average houshold bin in Ealing, approximately 3,700 tonnes per annum. This waste is expensive to dispose of and increases landfill, which contributes significantly to global warming. Modern cotton reusable nappies may be healthier for your baby, are easy to use and can save you a substantial amount of money.

On average a child uses 4,500 nappies before becoming potty trained. Therefore, the type of nappy a parent chooses is very important.
Thinking about using disposable nappies?  Medway Council has a scheme that can help you.

The Grampian Real Nappy Project is an initiative cordinated by environmental charity Aberdeen Forward. The project which aims to promote the use of real nappies as an easy and affordable alternative to disposables.

In Oxfordshire, 100,000 disposable nappies are binned every day, making up 5% of all rubbish produced by householders. In one year, enough nappies are dumped in Oxfordshire to fill Cornmarket to a depth of 10m. We are trying to encourage parents to use washable nappies instead of disposable ones. Nappies can either be machine washed or washed by a dedicated nappy laundering service.