10% of profits go to charity

Thanks to your wonderful support, beaming baby is now able to donate 10% of profits to charity

Have you rescued a penguin today?

SANCCOB, a non-profit sea bird centre, rehabilitates ill, injured, oiled and orphaned sea birds on a daily basis. It also prepares for and manages the rehabilitation of sea birds during a major oil spill.

Help SANCCOB to save the African Penguin by making a donation to the Penguin Rescue Campaign. Or you can Adopt a Pengiun for your baby for £36 (R500).

SANCCOB rescues penguins

we work together

With your help, 5% of beaming baby profits go to SANCCOB, the coastal conservation charity in South Africa.

You will be helping to save a species

The African penguin population is decreasing. Due to historical exploitation of African pengiun eggs and guano and ongoing oil pollution, only 10% of the original penguin population remains. These penguins are considered vulnerable to extinction.

For more information, visit their website: www.sanccob.co.za
Thanks to Nic Bothma / epa photos

10% to charity

reforestation projects

We invest in Gold Standard reforestation projects in the third world, to help turn the world green.

babies who need a little assistance

We are pleased to be supporting Baby Lifeline - a unique national charity offering loving care and support to pregnant mothers and newborn babies all over the UK. A percentage of our yearly profits go to this worthwhile charity.

Funds raised help to supply hospitals up and down the country with equipment ranging from digital weighing scales to major pieces of technology such as incubators and scanners.

baby lifeline charity

support and training

To date the charity has contributed more than £5 million to Britain’s maternity hospitals and services, and is equally proud of the support it gives to training and education programmes for doctors, midwives and other associated health professionals.

For more information, visit their website: www.babylifeline.org.uk

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